Why Are Sedans Famous ?

Why Are Sedans Famous ?

Sedan cars one of the most popular cars known for its shape, long wide and spacious is what comes to mind when we think about it. While people pick SUVs and MUVS but sedans are still popular in the car community. Companies like BMW, Mercedes , Audi are the popular sedan makers while there are plentiful of sedan cars and the list can  go up to hundred if we consider all the cars in the market.

Why Sedans Are Great Cars?

They are popular cars and can be considered as an alternative to SUV, they are known for its shape and usually when are compared to other large cars they offer better mileage and performance, premium features, great comforts. SUV are big and bulky and you feel like driving a truck, so sedan can be the better option because they are compact and you can take it anywhere in the city, in those tight corners. Usually sedans have wider cars then most of the cars in smaller segments so it can be a good option for off-roading options.  It is in the expressway and highways where sedans really shine due to its aerodynamics designs, modern design and technology like cruise mode, sensors, brake assists.

While SUV are boxed style but sedans are fully aerodynamics designed so when cruising in higher speeds it less likely for sedan to tip and roll over. The engine of Sedans are designed so that it can be push to its upper limits while providing better fuel consumption and performance. It is also to be noted sedans are lighter than SUVS which helps in quick transition and quicker acceleration intervals.

Why Sedans Can’t Be Your Car?

Sedans offers the most looked areas we consider while make purchasing a car i.e. the price, performance and design. And it is safe to say that sedans tick all the boxes and also it can perform all of the work a SUV can do it. But there are factors like ground clearance, smaller boot space, weaker suspension tat makes it less desirable among the car community. So if you are looking for big cars that can accommodate more people you should consider SUV.

Conclusion :

If you want a car that is fast, compact and cost lesser than SUV then Sedans are for you.