What Software Do Workplace Owners Need to Manage Their EV Charging Stations?

What Software Do Workplace Owners Need to Manage Their EV Charging Stations?

November 10, 2019 0 By vishnu

Whether you’re introducing EV charging for your employees, trying to win over customers, or want to manage your lot’s EV charging stations, the increasing number of people driving electric cars will be relying on you to provide them with affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible EV charging options. In order to effectively use EV charging, you need the right EV charging software suite for workplace owners. 

EV Connect is ready to partner with you for seamless EV charging infrastructure control and management. We provide complete solutions that ensure that your charging stations are always running like clockwork without putting in the work. Here’s how EV Connect works:

EV Connect and the Cloud

EV Connect brings you EV Cloud, a cutting-edge, flexible, and scalable EV charging network management platform that enables workplace owners to operate and customize their charging stations to meet their specific requirements.

No matter the size of your workplace, we have solutions that will make your EV charging station deployment successful.

EV Cloud is designed to provide a unified software that serves both EV drivers as well as workplace owners running EV charging stations. Owners can then seamlessly operate and manage charging stations across multiple station manufacturers. Our system is cloud-based and easily communicates with charging stations, driver mobile app, workplace site host portal, and utilities. With the platform, workplace owners can enjoy a number of features:

  • Access control to determine who can use the stations
  • Price control to set how much the charging stations cost to use
  • Interactive map to locate charging stations and view real-time availability
  • Accurate utilization and sustainability reports

EV Connect Services

Managing one or more EV charging station without the right software can be overwhelming for workplace owners. That’s why EV Connect offers a range of professional one-stop-shop options to make the deployment, customization, and control process easy.

We take care of everything from:

  • Initial site assessment to determine where and how best to install the charging stations
  • Recommending the right type of charging station(s) to fit your workplace needs
  • Installation requirements and process
  • On-boarding and training of charging station administrators
  • Configuration of your admin portal with your custom preferences

EV Connect understands that every workplace is unique, so we don’t stop there. We offer individualized consultations to ensure that every workplace owner we work with gets the perfect cloud-based management software for their EV charging stations.

Once our management solution is fully set up, you don’t have to worry about running your charging stations. Everything will be available to you in real-time from anywhere you are.

What Our EV Cloud Software Offers

Orange charging cable plugging into white electric car

  • Personalized EV Cloud admin portal
  • Free driver app to ensure your charging station customers are happy
  • 24/7 driver support every day of the year
  • Network connectivity fees
  • Payments collected from EV drivers are reimbursed to the workplace owner
  • Proactive monitoring of the health of all charging stations
  • Complete hands-off operation and management of charging stations
  • Quarterly summary reports provided via email

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Want to learn more about how our EV Connect software solutions for workplace owners can help you manage EV charging stations? Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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