Why You Should Network Your Electric Vehicle Charging

Why You Should Network Your Electric Vehicle Charging

October 10, 2019 0 By vishnu

So you’ve decided to install charging stations for electric vehicles in the parking lot or garage you run. It’s a forward-thinking trend, and there’s a lot of money to be made. When providing these services to your customers, however, at EV Connect we recommend you go a step farther and add EV charging networks to your charging stations.

Why pay for networking your chargers? Because it’s impossible to effectively monetize your chargers otherwise. Networks are simply one of the most valuable electric vehicle charging solutions in any EV charging business model, period. Without it, it is difficult to monetize without great hassle, and your ROI optimization is severely limited. A networked (smart) EV charging station lets you conveniently track usage, adjust prices, compile reports, detect errors, and more.

Advantages of EV Charging Networks

Networked charging stations provide a number of data points in real-time, allowing many data points to be measured remotely. Networking also allows you to change charger settings remotely over a secure connection. This gives you tremendous insight into how all your charging stations are operating over time, and tremendous control over many aspects of your entire business.

  • Remote Monitoring Instantly access current status and performance statistics reports for every charging station at every facility you run.
  • User Accounts Encourage users to create user profiles, allowing you to recognize individual users and track their usage over time. EV Connect offers an app that motorists can install on their smartphones, streamlining their experiences on your lots.
  • Pricing Control Vary prices by user identity, user groups, location, groups of stations within a location, time of day, or by other parameters. Charge by the kWh, time connected, time charging, and more.
  • Customer App Give customers the convenience and benefits of networked charging.

Why This Matters

EV charging networks provide you with two advantages over non-networked solutions: knowledge and control. Knowledge of what is happening at your charging stations, and control over their operation and your customers’ experience.

These capabilities help you better understand how your charging stations are performing, and give you a wide range of options to improve customer experience. EV charging networks make all of these strategies available to you.

Customer Experience

Leverage the charging stations’ location awareness and customer accounts, along with the smartphone app, to make your customers’ experience as convenient and seamless as possible.

  • Let customers locate nearby charging stations.
  • Let them reserve a charging station so it’s ready when they get there.
  • Give them the same seamless experience, no matter what brand of charging station they use.
  • Let them pay quickly and conveniently using stored credit card information.
  • Notify them when their car is done charging.
  • Give them a way to help you by reporting problems with charging stations or other customers using poor charging etiquette.

Pricing Policies

With EV charging networks you can set pricing based on a wide range of parameters.

  • Pass on some of the higher electricity cost during peak times of the day or week.
  • Charge different rates based on traffic.
  • Raise rates after a certain amount of charge time to encourage turnover.
  • Offer frequent-user rates to encourage repeat business.
  • Offer special event prices or other bonuses.

User Tracking

Even if you offer charging for free, the electric vehicle charging station solutions offered by EV Connect give you user account and usage tracking data that lets you know what customers use which charging stations and when, helping you visualize demand and provide better services. And if you do monetize the chargers, you can see the potential here for revenue growth.

  • Know whether a more expensive, higher-voltage charger is getting enough use.
  • Know how often a set of charging stations are being used at or near capacity.
  • Use historical data to set pricing and access policies, such as limiting charge load during high-traffic times.
  • Use historical data to plan future expansions and upgrades.

User Access

Take advantage of EV charging networks to control access to charging.

  • Limit charging rate of customers and groups.
  • Limit access for user groups, whether to individual charging stations, at certain times of the day, etc.
  • Allow guest accounts with their own specific access.

Facility Upkeep

Use your charging stations’ network connections to collect detailed performance data. With EV charging networks from EV Connect, such data is as close as any browser or smartphone, without a costly technician visit. It’s all accessible through our convenient dashboard!

  • Know instantly if a charging station is down.
  • Know if a charging station is underperforming.
  • Keep detailed performance data on how your charging stations are performing, or if one stops working.
  • Your technicians may even be able to diagnose (or even fix) problems remotely, avoiding a field service call.

Plan Ahead Now

Networked charging stations are a forward-thinking investment. EV charging networks unlock the data and control that you need to make your EV charging hardware assets more lucrative.

EV Connect’s EVCloud is a software solution that offers all these advantages and more. Designed to work with multiple charging station manufacturers, EVCloud allows you to manage mixed installations of chargers, and—even more importantly—your customers to have the same effortless experience no matter what model charger they use.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more. Contact us today to learn more about how our electric vehicle charging solutions can win customer loyalty save you time while generating ROI on your lots.

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